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Born out of passion, we've been crafting beautiful pieces of furniture and making customers happy for years.

What started as an online business born out of passion for furniture during the covid pandemic in Karachi is now a renowned name in metal, marble and glass furniture. Within short span of time, we opened our studio providing customized furniture options to our customers. Our furniture designs include coffee tables, center tables, consoles, dining tables, chairs, mirrors, and much More. Order your custom furniture today!

We're Creative

Over 500+ designs with different material and color options of furniture in Karachi.

We're Reasonable

Compared to others in Karachi our furniture items are reasonably priced.

We're responsible

Each material for furniture is carefully selected to ensure quality and durability.

We're Friendly

Customer Satisfaction comes above everything else. We provide warranty in Karachi.

Why Choose Renovo Furniture?

Unique designs

Over 500+ Modern Furniture designs in our booklets to choose from that change the mood of your living space.

long term durable

Each furniture item is High in Quality that will withstand the effects of environment and requires minimum maintenance.

Value for money

Competitively priced high quality furniture items compared to the Karachi market that give value for money.

50+ color choices

The only furniture provider in Karachi that carries over 50+ shades of metal furniture with new colors being added every month.

customized items

Each piece of furniture is customized and tailered to your requirements making it truly a statement your own personality.

free consultation

Customers are at the heart of what we do and why we exist. We provide FREE consultation for your next furniture purchase in Karachi.

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